Tips and Tricks for Skin Care and Makeup When You’re Wearing a Mask

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As we adjust to the important (and in some places mandatory) act of wearing a mask during the current global health crisis, our skin is also adjusting. Although there are many shops selling trendy and patterned maskes – even the chicest offerings can’t combat “maskne”, which is why our skin-care and makeup routines now require some recalibrating. With this in mind, we have put together some tips and tricks to help you out.

How Will Wearing a Mask Impact My Skin?

While this answer will be different for different skin types we have seen an uptick in clients experiencing new facial rashes and breakouts due to wearing face masks. Direct contact of the mask to skin causes friction, which in turn causes disruption of the outer skin layer, leading to dryness and irritation. Masks also trap humidity, sweat, and oil on the skin contributing to acne breakouts and worsening of conditions like rosacea. The hot, moist environment under a mask is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can end up leading to breakouts. This is why we should be changing our skincare and makeup routine to coincide with this.

Should I Change My Skincare Routine?

These times call for a stripped down and streamline skincare routine. Avoid trying out a new a skincare routine during this time as too much experimenting can lead to skin irritation. Also steer clear of harsh scrubs, heavy-duty exfoliants, and thick creams, which have a propensity to exacerbate congestion. Instead, go for a gentle, hydrating cleanser twice a day in order to remove trapped sweat and debris after taking off a mask. Follow this with a hydrating toner, light serum or gel moisturizer, and sunscreen. Try and prioritize skin-soothing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, and niacinamide. Be sure to wait five minutes after application before putting on your mask, in order to allow the products to absorb into the skin.

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Yon-ka Lait Nettoyant £27  IN SALON                   Yon-ka Lotion £29 IN SALON

Don’t forget the  importance of moisturizing regularly during this time. If your skin is already irritated, then wearing a mask on top can just make it worse. Think of your moisturiser as a protective seal on the surface of your skin to lock in hydration and reduce any irritation.

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Yon-ka Hydra+ Booster £49 IN SALON              Yon-ka Hydra NO1 Cream £45 IN SALON
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YON-KA mask No1 £42.50 IN SALON

Or why not try a hydrating mask?

Yon-Ka’s HYDRA N°1 MASQUE is the best ally of dry, dehydrated skins or skins submitted to external factors such as the sun, wind and cold. This gel is enriched in hydrating actives:

  • imperata cylindrica
  • aloe vera,
  • vegetal glycerin
  • combined with anti-dehydration and repairing actives like jojoba and olive phytosqualanes.
  • Vitamine A and silicon bring their smoothing and restucturing properties
  • vitamin B5 and vitamins C and E complete the action of the hydrating agents.

These molecules combine their strength to bring the skin immediate comfort and avoid the feeling of tightness, even on the most sensitive skins.

Use 1 to 3 times a week, after cleansing and spraying LOTION YON-KA. Apply the mask in a thick layer onto the face, neck and decolleté. Leave on for 20 minutes to 1 hour according to your needs, then remove any excess with tissue paper without rubbing.


Skin emergency ? Apply the HYDRA N°1 MASQUE in a thick layer, in the evening, before going to sleep. Remove any excess with a tissue paper and sleep with this treatment mask all night. You will awake to fresh and soft skin in the morning.

What About My Mask?

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It is important to wash your face mask regularly. Having more than one mask will allow you to switch off while you’re doing the laundry. It is also important to be cautious when choosing a detergent as masks come into direct contact with the skin. Choose a detergent that is fragrance and dye-free to avoid potential skin allergies. Additionally, stock up on masks made from soft fabrics, which will ease friction. As this can create micro-tears in the skin that allow for easier entry of bacteria and dirt and ultimately cause inflammation and acne formation.

Can I Wear Makeup Underneath?

We don’t recommend wearing makeup under a mask as it isn’t necessary and can potentially lead to more issues with breakouts and irritation. It’s best to focus on keeping the skin hydrated and comfortable while wearing a mask.  A tinted moisturizer or serum would be okay but anything heavier can clog pores, contributing to acne breakouts. If you would still like to wear foundation try choosing a lightweight formula and blot off the excess that will come in contact with the mask.

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Should I Still Be Wearing Sunscreen?

Yon-ka SPF 50 £30.50 IN SALON
Yon-ka SPF 50 £30.50 IN SALON

Wearing sunscreen is an essential part of your daytime skinare routine. Even while still at home we should still be applying sunscreen. We know that UVA light penetrates right through window glass, putting your skin at risk for some damage even if you are indoors. Plus, blue light emitted from your light bulbs and electronic devices has been shown to cause premature aging of the skin. Therefore SPF is one of the most important skincare steps to take. The Yon-Ka sunscreen pictured is available in SPF 50 and 25.

Why Not Get Expressive With Your Eyes

With not being able to see one another’s expressions or smiles and all the focus now on the upper half of the face why not have some fun with eye makeup and experiment with new colours or techniques.

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