Ear Piercing

Where do we pierce

We specialise in the lobe area of the ear. We use a gun with pre-sterilised earrings. Our method is not suitable for cartilages areas at the top of the ear. We mark the area and pierce one at a time.

What age do we pierce from

We generally only pierce from 8 years old, as I believe the ears are still growing and the ears change shape as the child matures. The piercing is more symmetric when the ears are more developed. Therefore better to get it right first time.

How long does it take

Generally by the time the ears are marked and we all agree on the best place to pierce, and then piercing, can be 20 minutes up to half an hour. Better not to rush this and regret it.

What earrings are used

The highest grade gold or silver pre sterilised earrings are used for piercing. They are also hypo allergenic. We recommend they stay in for 4 weeks to ensure problem free piercing for years to come. You will get all the information you need to clean and care for your earrings when with us in the salon.

Do I need Aftercare

Yes it is important to use an anti bacterial solution, especially designed for after piercing, to be used immediately after piercing. We provide all the aftercare needed.

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