NEOM Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

NEOM have changed the well-being game FOREVER!

Anyone else’s default state “busy”? I am all for those multi-tasking products that do twice the stuff in half the time. (Yey to that!) . So oh how I love NEOM’s Intensive skin Treatment Candles. Originally designed for their Well-being Spa Treatments to give you that ooh and ahh moment, but then they changed the candle game, forever.

pouring candles

Take some time to inhale the hard working essential oil blends before treating your skin with deeply nourishing warming oils to relieve tension and feel seriously good. A little luxury at the end of the day, I promise its worth it!

The Intensive Skin Treatment Candle… expertly created for your SKIN. Packed with 100% natural fragrances, 100% natural vegetable wax AND blended with seriously-nourishing oils like cocoa butter, moisturising soya bean and almond oil. So not only can it work on your well-being, the precious pool of wonderfully-warming oils will hydrate your skin while you get the potent scent of our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle (and feel like you’ve hit the spa).

Key Ingredients

  • Nourish – Skin with rich cocoa butter and almond oil
  • Soften – Skin with moisturising soybean oil

Essential Oil Blends

  • Tranquillity – English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine plus 16 other essential oils to help you relax and prepare for sleep
  • Real Luxury – Lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood plus 21 other essential oils to help you relax and unwind


  1. Light the candle, allowing it to burn for 30 minutes and create a pool of precious oil. Meanwhile, you could soak in a warm bath (ideally with the Perfects Night’s Sleep Bath Foam or Bath & Shower Drops).
  2. Blow out candle and let cool for 2 minutes.
  3. Drizzle the warm oil anywhere in need of rehydartion.


Be sure to trim the wick after each use, but only after the wax has set.

What customers say…

A unique spa like treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Your skin is left in fantastic condition and your mind relaxed.

“Love, love, love this! Lighting the candle before bed leaves your room smelling gorgeous and then you can massage the warm liquid into your skin for super nourished and fantastic smelling skin.”

“I’d never heard of anything like this before but it’s marvelous. A real luxurious body oil with the added bonus of the smell of the candle while it burns. Can’t rate it highly enough”

Both Tranquillity and Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candles are available in store at The Fountain of Beauty for £36!

Furthermore all other products mentioned in this blog are also available in store at The Fountain of Beauty.

  • All NEOM treatments are also available in salon. Before any NEOM treatment a scent test will be carried out to discover exactly the right NEOM blend (Tranquility, Real Luxury, Happiness, Feel Refreshed) for your well-being needs and your treatment will be based around this. For more information on the NEOM Body Treatments or to book an appointment check out our facebook here or call the salon on 02890 310103


family having fun on the beach in the sun

Often the UK summers can be so fleeting, that preparing, nourishing and protecting your skin against the sun’s ill effects is often forgotten.

For most, a summer routine is following their normal routine and adding in some factor 30. As our skin reacts to the changes in temperature, we should be changing up our beauty routines. Due to increased temperatures in dry heat, our skin may begin to lack moisture, increasing the appearance of fine lines. As temperatures rise, you are more likely to sweat, causing problems for those who suffer with skin conditions like eczema. Most importantly, there is sun cream! A must need summer essential, however if not properly removed, can easily clog your pores and lead to break outs.

The Right Sunscreen

woman applying sun cream in the shape of a sun

We have long left behind the assumption that sun cream will stop us tanning or is a miraculous solution that will protect us for endless hours, impervious to sweat, water and other activities. Although, there are still common misconceptions. Many people look only for The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and overlook other fundamental elements of a good sun cream.

Did you know that SPF50 only filters out 1% more UVB light than SPF30?

An SPF30 sun lotion protects you against 97% of UVB rays. An SPF50 protects you against 98% of UVB. It is far more important to apply sun lotions regularly and liberally, rather than to choose a very high factor sun lotion.

Choose Broad-Spectrum

The SPF only indicates the level of protection against UVB radiation (B for ‘Burning’), in contrast, UVA rays (A for ‘Ageing’) can still be getting through. Consequently, causing long-term damage to the living skin cells in the deeper underlying layers of the skin. This accounts for approximately 90% of the signs of premature ageing.

All sunscreens available at the Fountain of beauty are:

  • Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Suitable for children
  • Natural tanning: Award winning lotions with high levels of organic ingredients
  • Feed your skin: Vitamins A, C & E, Avocado and Marshmallow nourish and moisturise
  • Anti-inflammatory: Green Tea, Chamomile and Myrrh soothe sensitive skin or those prone to skin allergies
  • Antioxidant plant extracts: Rosemary, Green Tea and Edelweiss mop up free radicals, which cause ageing and cell damage
  • Non pore-clogging: Other sun lotions often contain mineral oils and silicones. These form a synthetic barrier on the skin, like wrapping it in cling film – a major cause of prickly heat

Keep Covered Up

family covering up on the beach

For those with paler more sensitive skins remember, clothing can be one of the most effective barriers between our skin and the sun. The closer the weave and the more skin covered – the greater the protection. Shoulders should always be kept covered as they easily and frequently burn.

Furthermore, this is especially successful if you lead an active lifestyle and as a result often forget to top up your sun cream. Always make sure to think about your skin, rather than what you look like whilst being active in the sun. Don’t give into fashion or appearance over your health.

Skin Routine

woman washing face

The best way to keep on top of your skin’s health this summer is to alter your routine to fit the changes your skin goes through. This may involve changing products, or the frequency that you use them. Opting for a lighter moisturiser with an added SPF may be a simple way to adapt.

To balance your skin, you could treat yourself to salon treatments to thoroughly treat your skin. At the Fountain of Beauty we offer a Yon-Ka Paris Hydrasun Facial to rejuvenate and calm the skin after sun exposure, for more info on this service please ring the salon.


As a result of makeup and sun cream being used throughout the day, a stronger cleanser than you are used to may be needed. Making sure your pores are clear and your skin is healthy is key to keeping a wonderful summer glow.

If you are using an effective cleanser, soothe skin with a gentle toner and a deep moisturiser. An evening moisturiser may feel heavier than you are used to, however it will replace the vital moisture lost throughout the day.


To help keep skin clean and clear in the morning cleanse and then follow up with toner, a light moisturiser, and your sun cream. This should help keep your skin bright and dewy.

Minimal Makeup

minimal makeup

In the summer, your skin needs a minimum amount of makeup. Too much is uncomfortable and hot, as a result you will sweat it off before the end of the day. Why not ditch the foundation and go for a little counsellor under the eyes and on any problem areas, translucent powder to set and a little mascara to open the eyes. Furthermore, if you need foundation why not try a light tinted moisturiser.

Ear Piercing

Where do we pierce

We specialise in the lobe area of the ear. We use a gun with pre-sterilised earrings. Our method is not suitable for cartilages areas at the top of the ear. We mark the area and pierce one at a time.

What age do we pierce from

We generally only pierce from 8 years old, as I believe the ears are still growing and the ears change shape as the child matures. The piercing is more symmetric when the ears are more developed. Therefore better to get it right first time.

How long does it take

Generally by the time the ears are marked and we all agree on the best place to pierce, and then piercing, can be 20 minutes up to half an hour. Better not to rush this and regret it.

What earrings are used

The highest grade gold or silver pre sterilised earrings are used for piercing. They are also hypo allergenic. We recommend they stay in for 4 weeks to ensure problem free piercing for years to come. You will get all the information you need to clean and care for your earrings when with us in the salon.

Do I need Aftercare

Yes it is important to use an anti bacterial solution, especially designed for after piercing, to be used immediately after piercing. We provide all the aftercare needed.

Intimate Waxing

We have been getting loads of calls looking for info on intimate waxing therefore we decided to do a little blog to answer all your hairy inquiries.

Intimate waxing involves hair removal from the pubic region and can start from having a bikini shape to complete hair removal.


There are four basic shapes for intimate waxing:

Bikini Wax

Standard bikini wax shape, hairs removed outside pant lines.

A standard bikini wax is a basic shaping of pubic hair into a neat upside-down triangle shape to the edge of the panty line.

Extended Bikini Wax/Californian Wax

Extended bikini wax/Californian wax, takes the sides of a standard bikini in slightly deeper.

An extended bikini wax takes the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini wax leaving a more defined triangle with narrower edges.

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax, hair removed to leave small strip on front and hair removed on back

A Brazilian wax takes away all the hair off the bikini line leaving a small strip on the front. Hair is removed from the front all the way round to the bottom area.

Hollywood Wax

Hollywood wax, all hair removed, front and back

The Hollywood wax removes all hair from the front, round to the bottom – complete hair removal.

What should I expect at my first waxing treatment?

Firstly, we use quality tea-tree oil based wax from Outback Organics, which has been developed by top waxing specialists who are always looking at ways to improve the wax itself. In addition our therapists all have intense intimate waxing training and will explain the procedure up-front, talking you through every step along the way.

In terms of reaction, every person’s skin behaves differently to intimate waxing. You may end up with some irritation or redness because the skin can be distressed after the first couple of waxing treatments, but we offer after care advice and products that help soothe the skin.

You may also experience some itching as the hair breaks through, but effective aftercare will alleviate any discomfort.

Does Intimate Waxing Hurt?

Pain thresholds are different for each person but our therapists are trained in techniques that offer minimum discomfort when performing intimate waxing treatments. If you are new to waxing there may be an element of shock, but it gets easier with every treatment as the hair thins. After all, many women keep coming back 🙂

How Old Do You Have To Be To Have Intimate Waxing?

Salons may differ, but we say eighteen years old. You can have it done at sixteen, but we would need parental consent and that person in the salon at the same time as your wax because you are technically a minor.

How Often Will You Need Intimate Waxing?

Everyone is different, but 95% of our clients come in every 4-6 weeks. After that regular waxing sessions ensure that your hair grows back finer and thinner as the hair follicle has less grip on the hair.

Can I Shave In Between Sessions?

You can shave but this will knock out your waxing cycle because you will need at least 4 weeks growth for an intimate wax.

How Long Should The Hair Be?

The hair needs to have a certain length (5-10mm) to be waxed. For your first few sessions the longer the hair therefore the easier the wax. If your uncertain about length don’t worry if it’s too long we can trim in the salon

What If I Have Coarse Hair?

For coarse hair, the hair should be grown longer (around 10mm) for the first few intimate waxes but the hair will however become finer over time.

How Long Does An Intimate Waxing Treatment Take?

As a result of how much hair you have and which treatment you need, a waxing treatment can take anywhere from 10 minutes for a basic bikini wax to 45 mins -1 hr for Hollywood waxing.

Prices vary click Here to check our prices out.

Timing Your Intimate Wax Treatments

If you have a holiday planned, it’s worth altering the pattern of your bikini waxing appointments to coincide with specific dates. For instance, it might be that your four week waxing cycle falls half way between your holiday dates but if you plan in advance you can move the cycle over a period of time.

What Is the Difference Between Warm Wax and Hot Wax?

The warm waxing technique involves spreading wax onto the relevant areas a small section at a time. A waxing strip is pressed down onto the wax. Which is then pulled off as a result removing the hair from the root.

Hot wax is at slightly higher temperature. You apply it to the skin thicker, then allow to cool and contract. You then peel from the skin without any strip therefore removing unwanted hairs.

Hot waxing tends to be better for shorter, more stubborn hairs making it more comfortable for intimate waxing. For instance, in the salon we like to use both waxes, strip to remove the bulk of the hair and then hot for the more sensitive areas.


In conclusion, waxing those intimate areas is a treatment that gets more popular each year as more and more women discover the benefits. If you are considering intimate waxing but have concerns, this is natural.

But, our girls are friendly, experienced and in addition will make you feel comfortable as you discover intimate waxing for yourself.

If you have any further questions after that, please feel free to contact us on 02890310103 🙂 

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Defuzz the body hair with wax and electrolysis. Polish fingers and toes with varnish or gel polish. Relaxing and unwinding massages, pedicures, facials. Detoxing facials, holistic balancing. Rejuvenating face and body treatments. Anti-ageing lifts, energising hand and foot treatments. We specialise for your benefit. Therefore, in addition, we have the products to help you maintain your results at home.


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